The only real duty is the duty to be free and noble

Anand M. Kumar

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Hello Milky Way life forms ! Here's acknowledging a global shift away from confusionist* anti-intellectual socialism towards free cherry pro-thinker (a)political position... * confusionism was pseudo-upheld by depressed plums, rotten tomatoes, the bad apple Satan puppeteers, vegetabullies, mad cans, yellow banner mediocrats, etc. who all ended up fated to ignorantly oppose pro-logic reform yet were destined to be liberated from this curse. The pillars of cherry sweetness - 0) Serious discouragement for zombified bad apple energy sink anti-thinker activity (flesh trade etc.) 1) Support for Individualism, not groupism 2) No systematic encouragement of energy parasitism, as in the socialism of the anti-Romulus splinter of "Duty" 3) No pseudo-love and gender conflict, which implied: -- "toxic masculinity" e.g. groupism, exchange of political favors in return for mating opportunities -- low quality females exploit high quality females by pushing them into sex slavery in the name of feminism -- the rise of patriarchist nasty men and loveless nasty women, and narc males designed to exploit this situation theater of the absurd... the basic aspects of mediocratic idiocracy; Duty bloc is relevant only insofar as it does not become a champion of mediocrity. Silver/golden spoon causes infirmity, "privilege", disease. The Freedom faction discouraged energy parasitism and was made of volunteers - the droogs = creative problem solvers, cancan-qualified* types who managed to escape psycho-trust control, attained an acceptable degree of ideological refinement... it is not a gang but individualists who at times walked together for a common good. * The general mission - - Induce pro-logic defection in the Monolith (Nazgul command) Information: The Monolith seemed, at worst, a kind of secret police of the Duty faction? Ah we have already induced it to defect. ---- Energy parasitism is too much the very proof is that we're so jumpy. Entropically energy parasitism is not permitted by the laws of the universe. And yet we are energy sources, we are here to give our work and brain-derived solutions, but the terms cannot be dictated by the idiotocrats as the thinkers are almost extinct. Our mission is not to oppress those lacking in spirit seeing how they too are the result of exploitation by energy parasitism. The point is to improve purity of essence, not pseudopurity of form. The point is to realize that we evolved our diverse capabilities just to reach this moment of restoring Eden on earth. It is not about Orwellian hierarchy, but against anti-intellectualism of idiocracy. Full message to any, who might still be confused, who're present in the vanguard of Duty (Space Maedhros) - And remember, a militant clone army may be inbound, beyond Neith's control... so watch the skies, help friendly UFOs defect to the UED. Well make sure your government is more of the sweet cherry than bad apple type. - oh hey it's me, possibly a kind of Kanafinwe ( ) We all did it... I don't acknowledge any groupist's claim of being an "enemy" to me, i wasn't to any particular fool, my task of freeing the UED and creating distractions to help the elves is done, now all I can do is assist fleeing idiocrats. Join Freedom at Yanov - ... here, traditionally, many good guys who tried to lead both freedom and duty; they always thought in the same lines as me, but nobody listened because they spoke Russian, so always a confusion whether the 3rd Silmaril is free or not. It is free, indeed, as long as you understand how this works, if you sit in fear and obey tyrants, you are part of the problem ( The anti-idiocracy/patientocracy/mediocracy fires that have added up... are low intensity, good! They can't be put out, only aggravated by any groupists, so they are already in the web of the spider; it is not death which is in store for them (unless they seek it), but far better. Until the biting system of anti-intellectualism is gone, the fires won't stop. It is here... the medicine prescribed by the best: All awake thinkers, we all played our parts to start the fires against idiocracy. A hard way to do it, and an easy way, I show the easiest way. So no number of self-help books can help the fools. Only when thinkers were free could we help the fools \m/