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**if you also want to be promoted, comment and let me know as I may do another one in a few months - probs will only promote people with less than 2k subs tho. & if you want any editing advice to help you get subs then let me know** Can't believe I have hit 20k subscribers!! that is mad, and I feel so grateful. I am blessed to have the support I have on this channel as vidding means the world to me. I have edited since I was about 12 years old and I am still doing it 10 years later, and I don't plan to EVER stop. It is my passion so I will always make time for it, and being able to have people enjoy my videos and support me is a huge bonus. It also motivates me because you guys reassure me that I am doing good work and I get such joy from seeing all the comments. Also being able to collab with so many talented editors is incredible, thank you to everyone I have collabed with over the years and every friend I have made on here. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and takes the time to watch my videos. You make me incredibly happy xxxx Now please go and subscribe to these talented editors because they deserve it! I am lucky to have gained such a following over the many years but it is getting harder for people to gain subs, so please check them out and sub to them. 1. hayedits - 630 subs channel: Daenerys Targaryen II The dragon queen: Multicouples II Love is a bitch: 2. anitaxv. - sub count not shown, had 96 subs when I last saw channel: carla & samuel | cinnamon girl maddy & nate | needed me [euphoria] 3. Milena - 538 subs channel: multicouples | all this time octavia blake | looking too closely 4. Jah - 1.05k subs channel: (GoT) Season 8 | The Things We Do For Love Game of Thrones Women | Power 5. hedastribute - 762 subs channel: Villanelle | One Way Or Another The 100 | Sweet Dreams 6. beafelicity - 993 subs channel: stranger things | born again teen kylo ren & rey | you and me 7. hedalightwood - 414 subs channel: • Sad Multicouples | Jar of Hearts • Marvel (Avengers) | No Limits 8. antares - 694 subs channel: I Love you. I know. [hbd lucas] My heart can't take it. 9. rootgroves - 996 subs channel: Daenerys Targaryen || Survivor [TTC] Jake&Amy | Something I Need 10. fyeahlemoncakes - 1.19k subs channel: Sansa Stark | I'm the Lady of Winterfell Elektra Natchios | Greatest Living Weapon I hope you guys are ok with the vids I picked, I picked my faves and ones I think my subscribers would like. xxx #fanvidfeed My twitter: