Understanding I,I by Bon Iver

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Understanding I,I by Bon Iver is about their 4th album. Justin Vernon and the rest of the group that forms Bon Iver recently released I,I. With For Emma representing winter, Bon Iver, Bon Iver being spring, and 22 a million being summer – I,I is fall and completes the cycle Energy is the best term to describe the music here, energy that changes constantly. Some songs are extremely simple, some use synths, some use strings, others use different vocal effects. Compare iMi to U (man like) and they sound like they’re from two different artists and two different albums. Justin Vernon recently revealed to Annie Mac on radio 1 that his anxiety during the 22 A million album tour forced him to cancel He stated that I,I was about forging through tough times and becoming vulnerable and grateful. Fame was something Justin struggled with early on, feeling lost being a common theme. And this is what I,I does to you, it gives you a vast soundscape and forces you to explore. I,I is an album featuring the likes of James Blake, Moses Sumney, Francis and the lights and more. Understanding I,I by Bon Iver is about their 4th album I,I really feels vast, to me it sort of represented nature, with the varying sonic textures representing a different climate. I felt at peace listening throughout, even when the energy increased. Justin here pushes his vocals into Falsetto often, the grouped harmonies add depth to many of these tracks and make them feel grand. There were a few tracks to me that stood out, Marion’s repeating phrase Well I Thought that this was half a love showed pain and remorse over the past. The simple guitar and strings add a sense of longing and home.It’s never easy to move on from tough events, they all shape us, but looking back we can be sad or proud and sometimes even surprised. On the song faith he states we as humans aren’t mazes or complex, rather pages of a book. Understanding I,I by Bon Iver is about a great alternative album. We represent the concepts we believe. The question of are people really that simple is timeless, because none of us can know the answer. Think about the people in your life, are they complex, simple or both at the same time? Society providing Elasticity and Empowerment is the key theme on Salem. It’s an important piece, in todays news there seems to be a constant wave of unrest or danger in a new part of the world. It doesn’t inspire a bright future, but shows that change must come from us internally. Hey Ma speaks of how money isn’t a worthy tradeoff for damaging our planet because we’re in fact damaging ourselves. Once we destroy the environment, we’re dooming ourselves, not the planet. Earth will continue to exist long after humans become extinct. Understanding I,I by Bon Iver is about an album that is different yet familiar. It’s a song that not only emphasises custodianship but also understanding tradeoffs in life. Short term gratification is something that appeals to us as humans but how much should we rely on it? I questioned myself and my values after listening to it, it’s an album that’s great for being introspective to. For being in your thoughts. All the musical guests add their own touch to each track and it culminates to make I,I somewhat of a strange project and stand proudly among their other albums. It’s an album that reminds me why Bon Iver have reached the levels they have.