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This week is where you guys get to know a little more about us. We did The Get to Know Me Tag and it was very interesting. Thanks for watching. We tag all of you guys, Amina, and Eman. Check out their channels. Amina Eman - Sorry for not uploading the past two weeks. We tried to post our individual video, but we had problems with the videos and Daisy was sick. So no individual videos this month. Also last week was Anna's birthday and we didn't get a chance to film her birthday video so sorry. We will be posting normally again. Check out our previous video: *~*~*~* Comment what videos you want to see next. *~*~*~* SUBSCRIBE for more MADness LIKE & SHARE We upload every Tuesday. Once a month for one week each of us will post an individual video. *~*~*~* Follow us on Social Media Instagram - @mad_channel MiMi - @ifeelbattylikebatman Anna - @queenoftheatre Daisy - Tumblr MiMi - ifeelbattylikebatman Anna - cupcakelover-305 Daisy - brainvvasher {two v, not w} WE DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC