Super “scary” sleepover (warnings mutiple Cursewordswords +13)

Rose The wolf

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Hey my beautiful petals rose here! I hope you enjoyed the video! Links to the channel Procrastinating studios: channel/UCTEYgx9Z3wqyHftlgFQ8YGA Original video by lele pons: ——————————————————————————— Christian twin 2: Main characters Rose( me) Tulip rose’s sister Amy rose enemy Procrastinating Studios rose’s friend Christian twin 2 roses friend ——————————————————————————— Side Characters: Bella from the series Kate from the series Orchid one of roses sisters Hosuh from Danplan Stephen from Danplan Jocat from Danplan and his channel jocat Ellies from Danplan Sunflower roses sister Abeila rose’s sister Lily rose’s sister Delilah rose’s sister Lawrence tulips boyfriend Gene rose’s love interest Dante genes brother ——————————————————————————— Any ways I must bid you farewell until the next video. See ya guys rose out!