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Bon Iver - Faith 「Lyrics」 ♪ Indiesoul Song Faith by Bon Iver Discover more best new indie/folk music on my channel: Subscribes & turn on notifications and never miss a video! Follow Bon Iver: Follow Indiesoul on Social: Facebook: Instagram: Suggested Video: Lyrics Faith - Bon Iver: [Verse 1] Shattered in history Shattered in paint Oh, and the lengths that I'd Stay up late But brought to my space The wonderful things I’ve learned to waste [Verse 2] I shoulda known That I shouldn't hide To compromise and to covet All what's inside There is no design You’ll have to decide If you'll come to know if I'm the faithful kind [Verse 3] Time and again (Got all that I need) Time to be brave Content to the phrases That at dawn, we ain't mazes Just some kind of pages [Verse 4] This for my sister That for my maple It's not knowing the road I'd known as a child of God Nor to become stable (So what if I lose? I'm satisfied) [Bridge] Am I dependent in what I'm defending And do we get to know what faith provides? Fold your hands into mine I did my believing Seeing every time [Outro] I know it’s lonely in the dark And this year’s a visitor And we have to know that faith declines I'm not all out of mine 📷Photographer: Lisa Fotios Download: Indiesoul was founded by a big fan who wants to see indie-folk artists get the attention and airtime they deserve. Through this channel, I hope to provide you with the best independent music, indie folk, acoustic, indie pop/rock by best singer-songwriters. Subscribers channel today to be the first to hear the finest indie music! ✉ If you’d like your music to be featured on my channel, please contact: Thank you so much for your support! #boniver #faith #indiesoul