Ultra Violet Dove

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ULTRA VIOLET DOVE AUGUST 2018 ♉ TAURUS SUN, MOON & RISING ASCENDANT MONTHLY INTUITIVE PSYCHIC & SPIRITUAL INSIGHT. GENERAL, ENERGETIC GUIDANCE AND FOCUS. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL14rpBNlwpNlq93Rqjb28eVVWI340-OoR Musical inspiration playlist of inspiration ELLA FITZGERALD 📻 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME 🎙 https://youtu.be/gDhF-PsDuCw THE BLACK EYED PEAS 📻 LET'S GET IT STARTED 🎙 https://youtu.be/IKqV7DB8Iwg LP 📻 INTO THE WILD 🎙 https://youtu.be/NRtWInxI1pg DARYL HALL & JOHN OATS 📻 FAMILY MAN 🎙 https://youtu.be/-oiqiYdWXiM LORD HURON 📻 THE NIGHT WE MET 🎙 https://youtu.be/8JAAjqvwqHw SKIP MARLEY 📻 LIONS 🎙 https://youtu.be/L3A4QJfn4pw NITIN SAWHNEY 📻 TENDER WORLD 🎙 https://youtu.be/8d4JpBF_aHY VULFPECK 📻 BACK POCKET 🎙 https://youtu.be/yG96RttfZtM KATRINA & THE WAVES 📻 WALKING ON SUNSHINE 🎙 https://youtu.be/iPUmE-tne5U SUPERTRAMP 📻 GIVE A LITTLE BIT 🎙 https://youtu.be/5KVZR-x94tg MONSUNE 📻 NOTHING IN RETURN 🎙 https://youtu.be/XDN2wbm6zi8 SQUEEZE 📻 TAKE ME I'M YOURS 🎙 https://youtu.be/EfvVVGD3bwY Links to all August zodiac readings 🍍🏵🍍🏵🍍🏵🍍🏵🍍🏵🍍🏵🍍🏵🍍 LEO ♌ https://youtu.be/njVPLUwj_KY CAPRICORN ♑ https://youtu.be/saNcirFWV3k AQUARIUS ♒ https://youtu.be/WPm7rAlWltA SAGITTARIUS ♐ https://youtu.be/TSeS99LQQKQ TAURUS ♉ https://youtu.be/azTSWAHhRBU GEMINI ♊ https://youtu.be/c5bV07jQVAE PISCES ♓ https://youtu.be/t5XfwX8sI1M ARIES ♈ https://youtu.be/3CBCh0h2OvM VIRGO ♍ https://youtu.be/36Zrnmk77CQ LIBRA ♎ https://youtu.be/4hGW7rgbZAI CANCER ♋ https://youtu.be/FSOVshS_aAg SCORPIO ♏ https://youtu.be/5foQV_PugdY For the highest, greatest good & LOVE of all. .. Please listen to your own inner guidance. Love & joy! We are all brothers and sisters sharing this beautiful earth! This is meant to help bring clarity and broaden your perspective on the question you are wondering about. Always use your own intuition and common sense when dealing with important issues.. I hope to show that we are all psychic and intuitive. We all have guidance and love. Maybe a little extra spark in your daily life just by beginning to notice the amazing things that surround you. Mystery and miracles hidden in plain sight. Numerology, horoscope, astrology, signs & miracles. Let's all wake up together. Love is key. Be open to Divine guidance and inspiration for YOU... Readings could clarify the past, give insight and forecast for the future or be right in tune with your now! They may, or may not resonate with you... 💖 Thank you for joining me. Blessings to you all. I love you. 💞 See you soon! For the moment I am not doing private readings. If you are interested in a possible future reading, please email me at [email protected] and I will contact you if anything changes. Thank you so much. Decks used in this reading were: THE SACRED TRAVELER ORACLE- DENISE LINN ARCHANGEL POWER TAROT - DOREEN VIRTUE & RADLEIGH VALENTINE MESSAGES FROM YOUR ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES ORACLE - STEVEN D. FARMER VICEVERSA TAROT - MASSIMILANO FILADORO, LUNAEA WEATHERSTONE & DAVIDE CORSI