How to Play "Hey, Ma" by Bon Iver on Guitar *FOR BEGINNERS*

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--------------------------------------------------HOW TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY-------------------------------------------------- 1. SUBSCRIBE 2. TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS 3. LIKE THE VIDEO(S) 4. COMMENT A SONG I will be picking two winners every month for a guitar accessories package and a merchandise bundle until we reach 50k subscribers when I will draw the grand prize winner of a free acoustic guitar! ------------------------------------------------------------------DESCRIPTION------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a beginner guitar tutorial for how to play "Hey, Ma" by Bon Iver on the acoustic guitar. This song is in standard tuning and uses the chords C major, F major, A minor, G major, and E minor. If you need the chord diagrams you can find them in the free ebook titled "Master the Guitar in 7 Days" at the bottom of this description. If you have any further questions leave them in the comments section or shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Happy playing! --------------------------------------------------------------------SOCIAL MEDIA---------------------------------------------------------------- Snapchat: @yaboyelroy Instagram: @BillyShultzMusic Twitter: @BShultzMusic -------------------------------------------------------Equipment used in this video!------------------------------------------------------ Guitar Strings: Capo: Guitar Tuner: GoPro Hero 7: Canon Rebel t6i: Camera Stand: ------------------------------------------------------------CHECK OUT MY MUSIC----------------------------------------------------------- Spotify: iTunes: YouTube: ----------------------------------------------------------PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS----------------------------------------------------- [email protected] --------------------------------------MASTER THE GUITAR IN 7 DAYS FREE EBOOK--------------------------------------------- FREE EBOOK: Please support the channel by becoming a patron on my Patreon page! There are rewards for all patrons! -------------------------------------------------------------------HASTAGS---------------------------------------------------------------------- #HowToPlay #HeyMa #BonIver #BonIverGuitar #BonIverGuitarTutorial #Guitar #Tutorial #GuitarTutorial #GuitarLesson #GuitarTab #GuitarChords #GuitarCover 🎵 GET YOUR MUSIC ON SPOTIFY & APPLE MUSIC WITH DISTROKID 🎵 7% off special for Billy Shultz Music viewers ►