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Middle Of The Ocean feat. Stick Figure by KBong KBong Official Website: ‪http://www.kbongmusic.com‬ KBong on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kbong/703526510 KBong on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2dzSec5CF9xQeW53ZJ5RHq Lyrics: the sun is shining down and the waves are crashing all around you know I can be found chillin in this little old town in middle of the ocean 4x the sun drifts out of sight an ocean of stars shining down so bright I’m feeling good yea I’m feeling alright staying up all night playing to the sunrise in the middle of the ocean 4x I’ve never felt free like this before the open ocean is my front door oh what a wonderful feeling I can’t escape this feeling the warm sunshine brings a brand new season the tradewinds blowing with the breeze and I hear you calling out to me in the middle of the ocean is where I’ll be in the middle of the ocean 4x I saw my friends down there living life without a care oh yea we having a good time palm trees and the breeze got me feeling alright sleeping all day singing songs all night your warm smile got me feeling so nice damn I feel so free I’m feeling free yea on an island that’s where I’ll be no worries no way no worries no way sleep in the hammock all day on an island you’ll find me that’s where I’ll be 2x ...Māuruuru yeee ..