Marble Race: Marble League 2019 Qualifiers

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The Qualification round of the Marble League 2019 (former MarbleLympics), 20 teams with 5 marbles each will compete for 12 qualification spots for the Marble League 2019. Here's The Opening Ceremony and first event: Comments may contain SPOILERS! Please hide spoilers by using at least 7 line breaks (enters) NOTES: - In the Underwater Race, the top finish cam was working, but the footage was corrupted after rendering this video and I haven't a backup of it. However, I still managed to get the results. - SPOILER: In the final standings at 16:25, there's an error in the score of Team Primary, they have 7 points. Credits: Commentary: Greg Woods Music: Minos Fylaktos Logo design: Useful Links: PATREON: (Will be updated soon) More marble news: Facebook: Twitter: Wiki: Webshop: Coming soon! FAN REQUEST: - Please share and mention this video to (social) media websites, blogs and other Youtube creators © Jelle's Marble Runs 2019: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!