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Description ------------------------------------------------------- Here is a classic dope song by Stick Figure called "All My Love" from his latest album "Set In Stone". Just sit back, relax and enjoy the vibe to this song! As always, don't forget to follow Stick Figure for allowing us to share his music on our channel! To all the fams in Cali, we hope you're enjoying One Love Festival 🔥 ------------------------------------------------------- Link To The Album: Set In Stone iTunes: Google Play: Spotify: Amazon: ------------------------------------------------------- Follow Stick Figure 🍁 ------------------------------------------------------- From the musical imagination of Scott Woodruff emerges a vibrant sonic soundscape, revealed in the newest Stick Figure release, Set in Stone. As with his previous releases, Set in Stone was written, produced and recorded by Woodruff, a self-taught musician. ------------------------------------------------------- High Stereo Love is an independent distributor. We create professional lyric videos to support independent reggae music. We work with labels across the world and premiere new releases. We believe in this brand and the good it does for the community. If you value the service we provide and the time we spend managing it, please consider funding the channel. Any support would be greatly appreciated! ------------------------------------------------------- Stick Figure - All My Love