Amazing Floor Jansen from Nightwish


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#FloorJansen #Nightwish #Singer Not guitar cover this time, but a tribute to one of the best singers I’ve ever heard, Floor Jansen from Nightwish. Nightwish started with operatic singer Tarja Turunen and that was something new, but got old quite soon as Tarja only sang in operatic style. Then came rock singer Anette Olzen, who freshened the band but unfortunately Nightwish was just a band among the other’s. After her and band ways separated in the middle of the US tour (btw there’s great Nightwish document of what happened and more, Floor was asked and rest is history. I’m not huge Nightwish fan, rock is more my thing, but they do have nice songs and must be respected how band has succeeded. Anyways I think Floor is the best thing happened to band ever and after reading bassist Marco’s book, I think it was confirmed - great reading btw. Thought to put up a quick video of not just Floor’s well known vocal range, but how easily she seem to move across the genres. First video is from Nightwish gig and two following from Dutch reality show ”Beste Zangers” - ”Best Singers” where artists cover each other's songs. Hope you like it! I own no rights to any media in video, they are property of their respective owners. Links to original videos below.