STRANGEST Skeleton Discoveries


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No, it’s not Halloween. Today, we’re talking about some of the strangest skeleton discoveries ever made. What groundbreaking discoveries have history left behind for modern day people to dig up? Keep watching to find out! Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:- Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here- Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here- 5. The Zoo of Healing Animals Most zoos are located in big cities. They (hopefully) have state-of-the-art facilities that help keep the animals protected and in their areas to prevent any incident. However, it seems zoos have been around for longer than most of us realize. In Hierakonpolis, now known as Nekhen, Egypt, a vast area of animals were discovered buried in the sandy dirt. During the time of the Ancient Egyptians, wealthy residents often kept menageries of exotic pets. One excavation in this area turned up with bones of baboons, hippos, elephants and other animals. Most of them seemed to have signs of injuries. It suggests the animals were probably hurt during their capture but that they were able to heal because they were in captivity. 4. The Youngest Dinosaur Most scientists will tell you that the end of the dinosaurs came around 65 million years ago. Imagine the surprise of the paleontologists digging in Dawson Country, Montana when they came across a dinosaur fossil that appeared to date back to only 33,500 years ago! The find in question is a Triceratops brow horn. The first triceratops appeared on Earth 68 million years ago in North America and became extinct a million years before the last dinosaurs. Researchers dug up the brown horn in 2012 and which was then stored at the Glendive Dinosaur Fossil Museum. When the head of the Paleo Chronology Group, Hugh Miller, carried out carbon dating, the results showed that the horn was much younger than anyone could have possibly guessed. Its dating created a controversy in the dinosaur research world. Did early humans walk among the last dinosaurs? Scientists don’t quite have the answer yet. 3. A Hybrid Beast Western European folklore likes their hybrid animals. The griffin and chimeras are among some of the most prominent fantastical beasts in the old fairy tales. Were any of them ever real? Let’s look to a boneyard in Dorset for some answers. In 2015, archaeologists from Bournemouth University unearthed the bones of animals that appeared to be more than one put together. In one space, there’s an animal that is a cow but with horse’s legs. Another is a sheep with two heads. There’s even a horse with cow horns. Most likely, the Iron Age Britons rearranged the bones to make what appeared to be hybrid creatures--all done for a sacrificial ritual. 2. In The Roman Catacombs Most of the skeletons on this list were caked with dirt and years of being forgotten--not so when it comes to this next topic. Deep in the Roman catacombs that were carved out of the underground in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, you will find skeletons decked out in all sorts of jewels. Crowns, necklaces, rings--you name it. These valuables cover some of the dusty old bones down there. Among those martyrs include St. Valerius, among many, many more. These bones were kept sacred by the Catholics who hid them during the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Around this time, many Catholic churches and religious houses were destroyed. 1...