Dirt Road Anthem (feat. Brantley Gilbert) [Live] - Single - Colt Ford

Dirt Road Anthem (feat. Brantley Gilbert) [Live] - Single

Colt Ford

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2011-04-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2011 Average Joes Entertainment


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Dirt Road Anthem (feat. Brantl 6:43  


  • Seriously?!

    By GypsyDuchess
    To those who think "Jason Aldean's version is SO much better"… you do know that this song isn't originally a Jason Aldean song, correct? Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert wrote it and originally performed it. Don't get me wrong, I love Jason Aldean as much as the next country music lover! However, ignorance shows when one claims to know and love country music and then make ridiculous and not-so-factual statements. If this song is good enough for Jason Aldean, then it surely is good enough for me too!!!!!
  • To jhrjjcmd:

    By Octavarium
    Cheap spoof? I case you didn't know, which you obviously don't, Brantley and Colt are both the WRITERS of this song. THIS is the original version, albeit live. Jason Aldean was the one who re-recorded it and brought it mainstream popularity. Do some research before you bash, because you just make yourself look like an uneducated fool.
  • Both are good. BG's is better

    By Lovely ldy
    I have both the BG version and Jason Aldean. I like them both I just like BG's a little bit more.
  • O.K

    By shrimpyt
    i guess its ok, but Brantley isnt on key, ever. Jason Aldean is so much better!
  • Just FYI

    By aacandela91
    For all of you who are saying Jason's version is better and this is just a cheap knock off, Let me let you in on a little secret this song was originally done by these two and its the unique style that makes it the song it is, Colt Is an incredible singer and song writer. If it was so good Jason would of never covered it
  • Umm

    By Berriesisdead
    You people do realize BG is the one that originally wrote Dirt Road and My Kind of Party. I like Aldean but he doesn't write hardly any of the songs that have got him hits. You tend to like the version you hear first. People can say what they want about BG's vocals but he is an amazing songwriter. Aldean can vouch for that cause he has made him millions off his songs.
  • Rap haters

    By OverPass
    Johnny Cash rapped before most of you were born. I like both versions of this song. The country station(WPOC) cuts out the rap part of the song. Now that's just dumb. This station has edited other country songs. I wonder how the artists feel about that.
  • Best one yet!

    By bgguy1234
    this is by far the best version of this song made period.... he wrote it and he sang it first and this version is the best out there now period....
  • Jason aldean is better

    By Jhrjjcmd
    Jason Aldean puts these two people in the dirt.this is a cheap spoof compared to Jason's version.
  • now don't get me wrong...

    By Shelby Bentley
    I like Brantley Gilbert...just not this song...I like the Jason aldean version better...but I like when Brantley sings my kinda party