Any Given Thursday (Live) - John Mayer

Any Given Thursday (Live)

John Mayer

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2003-01-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15

  • ℗ 2003 Aware Records LLC


Play Title Time Download
3X5 8:05  
No Such Thing 4:46  
Back to You 4:36  
City Love 5:11  
Something's Missing 6:47  
Lenny / Man On the Side 8:46  
Message In a Bottle 5:06  
Love Song for No One 3:35  
Why Georgia 8:24  
Your Body Is a Wonderland 6:05  
My Stupid Mouth 5:02  
Covered In Rain 10:25  
83 (Medley) [Live In Birmingha 7:29  
Comfortable 7:37  
Neon 10:22  


  • 14 years later

    By Nielli85
    I still love this album 14 years after its release just as much as they day I first bought the actual CD. I know every word of every song and every scream of the crowd because I have listened to this so much. The lyrics still touch me as deeply today as they did when I was a college-aged girl going through a bad breakup (don't make fun, you know you listened to it then too!). I finally decided to purchase this on iTunes after all of the technological changes throughout the years so that I can listen to this anytime, anywhere. Thank you, John, for making music that set the soundtrack to a huge part of my life!
  • It's Live...I get it

    By R8R John
    But why do you have to mic the audience? I don't need to hear hoots and hollers to convince me it was recorded live. It just ruins the music for me.
  • Incredible Album

    By AJ_Winter
    If you’re reading this - you’ve already stumbled upon a classic. Don’t hesitate - buy it.
  • Seriously noteworthy

    By Molly Martin5
    I love Why Georgia on this, my favorite version of the song. Not a lot of people have listened to this, and they should! Covered in Rain is hands down my favorite off of this. There's NOTHING better than taking a bath with the lights dimmed listening to that. Love him then, love him now, there's always an occasion for John Mayer.
  • Yes!

    By Juggernaut2383
    This is easily one of the best live albums ever! John Mayer rocks it all night!
  • He's so much better than his radio play

    By Slymango
    For those who don't know the artist John is, this is definitely a must. Although I have preference to his where the light is live album, this is still amazing, showcasing his earlier works. "Covered in Rain". Listen to it.
  • Great Live Album

    By ROLLTIDE1225
    Covered in Rain is genius and one of John's greatest songs.
  • Incredible LIVE

    By Jen Anger
    the intro. for 3X5 is my favorite part, I've listened to it for years now, my favorite album even since it came out. So much energy in his shows I love them. If you're not sure if you are a John Mayer fan, go see him, you will be.
  • Sounds great!!!

    By ramirosnz
    I love bass line on no such thing!!
  • Thank you

    By Alia Tawfik
    "My Stupid Mouth" reminds me of all the spontaneous things I said in my life, that were truthful, and that sent everyone rushing to help me save face, so that I could still be a part of the crowd. Fitting in really doesnt matter it seems. Neither does saving face. Someone has to work out insecurities and turn this process in reverse. "Comfortable" reminds me of the tough choices that every person has to make - should I go the "wrong" way or the "right" way... what are my other options? "Quiet" made me realize that in order to walk out into the world, you have to work from within, and let things settle and grow around you. Things just work out in a way that you don't expect them to. Every song on the album is an ode to women, and a man trying to work out why he still ends up with a broken heart, when he is the one who sees the best in them, in a way that the rest of society would rather hide away, and pretend didnt exist. The only man without a superiority complex out there... takes the fall. Every girl was "Neon" and "Victoria" at some point in her life, and got shot down. I'm grateful someone saw it and captured it in music, so that we never forget who we are. "Free Falling" reminds me that it is every person's right to let go and give in to their hearts - how long are we supposed to accept a life of hopelessness and despair? "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" is that warning sign, to let go of relationships that bring you down, so you can turn your life around, and see what you have been missing out on. "Bold As Love" is too many complicated, often conflicting emotions, squeezed in together... don't we all feel this way? Working out the details, so you can bring yourself back to whole... takes time - and that process is covered in "In Repair". Most of the songs on the album show how easy it is for John Mayer to slip into various roles, without losing himself - but its the audience that loses sight of who he really is. That's show business. It's role play. You have to be able to perform, try on different acts. It's a level of sophistication, of being able to use your body to tell a story and pass on social truths. Being the one in the line of fire, confronting taboos, makes a scapegoat out of you. Not fair. Let's stand up for him a bit more often. It would do us more good to care about the brave soldier out there, our unsung hero. Let's... give credit to the person who cares. "3X5" reminds me of how important it is to experience life through your senses. Life gets tough when you have to stand up against repeated criticism, from people who refuse to change; nature comes to the rescue, ensuring that you are still safe, normal, alive. "Something's Missing" is that strange moment when... just being you, makes you a celebrated hero instead of an outcast; you wonder what you did differently to suddenly gain approval from the very people who shut you out and put you down... and you wonder why that doesnt make you feel better; when you're not in it for the attention, the highs and lows don't mean very much without someone to share it with. We live our lives for love, not to be made examples out of. I think we forget the level of responsibility that artists are under, their vulnerability, and the things they have to do witthout, that most people take for granted. We forget how important they are, and what their contributions do to ease our day to day lives. It would do us good to offer support, compassion and understanding to people who make a difference.

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